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Dr. Jiang is a passionate and experienced teacher, having taught multiple courses relating to social media analytics, big data analysis, and network analysis.

She have served as instructor and teaching assistant for Social Media, Digital Technology, Communication Networks,

Introduction to Mass Media, Interpersonal Communication Competence, and Public Speaking at UC Davis.


She taught visual communication (undergraduate class), and data analytics for computational journalism and digital media studies  (weekly retreat for faculty, staff, and graduate students) at LSU, providing hands-on trainings on using R, Python, and popular social media analytic tools to collect, analyze, and visualize the big data emerged from digital media and internet. While working at LSU, She also have offered workshops and given guest lectures on topics related to data analytics and visualization, such as, using info-graphics to tell stories from text.

Now, she is teaching applied media analytics and understanding audiences at Elon University School of Communications.


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