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Dr. Jiang have studied big data from digital media on a variety of interdisciplinary topics, which addressed issues in the areas of international/intercultural communication, crowdsourcing, science communication, and network theory and methodology. Her studies have been published by interdisciplinary journals and books, and presented as top papers on national and international conferences:

International/Intercultural Communication

Jiang, K., & Barnett, G. A. (2018). The Structure of the International Communication Association—2016: A Network Analysis. In A. Shaw & T. Scott (Eds.), Interventions: Communication Theory and Practice (ICA Theme Book). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Jiang, K., Barnett, G. A., Taylor, L. D., & Feng, B. (2018). Dynamic Co-evolutions of Peace Frames in the United States, Mainland China, and Hong Kong: A Semantic Network Analysis. In B. Cook (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Examining Global Peacemaking in the Digital Age. (pp. 145 -168). Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global.

Xanat, V. M., Jiang, K., Barnett, G. A., & Park, H. W. (2018). International trade of GMO-related agricultural products. Quality & Quantity, 52, 565-587.

Barnett, G. A., Chu, J. X., Jiang, K., Huh, C., Park, J. Y., Park, H.W. (2017). Measuring Word of Mouth Networking of International Relations as Expressed in Social Media Big Data: Implications for Open Government and Diplomacy 2.0. Government Information Quarterly, 34, 37-44.

Barnett, G. A., & Jiang, K. (2017). Issues in Intercultural Communication Research. In L. Chen (Ed.), Handbook of Intercultural Communication (vol.9), Handbooks of Communication Science, Mouton de Gruyter: Berlin.

Jiang, K., Barnett, G. A., & Taylor, L. D. (2016). Dynamics of culture frames in international news coverage: A semantic network analysis. International Journal of Communication, 10.

Barnett, G. A & Jiang, K. (2016). Resilience of the World Wide Web: A Longitudinal Two-Mode Network Analysis. Social Network Analysis and Mining, 6.

Barnett, G. A., Lee, M., Jiang, K., & Park, H. W. (2015). The Flow of International Students from a Macro Perspective: A Network Analysis. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 4, 533-559.

Jiang, K. (2014). International Student Flows between Asia, Australia, and Russia: A Network Analysis. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 13.

Barnett, G. A., Park, H. W., Jiang, K., Tang, C., & Aguillo, I. F. (2014). A Multi-Level Network Analysis of Web-Citations among the World’s Universities. Scientometrics, 99, 5-26. 


Hilbert, M., James, R. G., Gil-Lopez, T., Jiang, K., & Zhou, Y. (2018). The Complementary Importance of Static Structure and Temporal Dynamics in Teamwork Communication. Human Communication Research.

Jiang, K., Benefield, G., Yang, J. F., & Barnett, G. A. (2017). Mapping Articles on China in Wikipedia: An Inter-Language Semantic Network Analysis. In the Proceeding of Hawaii International Conference on System Science (HICSS-50).

Science Communication

Jiang, K., Anderton, B. N., Ronald, P. C., & Barnett, G. A. (2018). Semantic Network Analysis Reveals Opposing Online Representations of the Search Term “GMO”. Global Challenges, 2.


Network Theory and Methodology 

Barnett, G. A., Jiang, K., & Hammond, J. (2015). Using Coherencies to examine network evolution and co-evolution. Social Network Analysis and Mining, 5.

Barnett, G. A., & Jiang, K. (2014). The Application of Social Network Analysis in Communication Studies. In J.H. Hong (Eds.), New Trends in Communication Studies (pp. 861- 887). Bejing, China: Tsinghua University Press. 

Jiang, K., & Barnett, G. A. (2013). Guanxi Networks in China. Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia, 12.

Mass Communication & Social Media Influencers


Jiang, K. & Xu, Qian. (2020). Building Images of “President Trump”: Comparing Co- evolutions of the Trade War Discourse between Influencers and Regular Users on Twitter. In the Proceeding of Hawaii International Conference on System Science(HICSS-54).


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